Getting started: 30 seconds with IPywidgets server

Let’s create a simple widget:


from ipywidgets import IntSlider, Text, VBox
s = IntSlider(max=200, value=100)
t = Text()

def update_text(change=None):
    t.value = str(float(s.value) ** 2)

s.observe(update_text, names='value')
vbox = VBox([s, t])

To serve this, just run the following, in the directory containing

$ ipywidgets-server example:vbox

This will serve the widget on http://localhost:8866/:


The command line argument, example:vbox, is <module name>:<object name>, where <module name> is the name of a Python module that can be imported (for instance, a file in the current directory, without the .py extension or a Python package that is installed in your environment), and <object name> is the name of the variable that holds the widget to display.

For information on other command line arguments, run:

$ ipywidgets-server --help


Install IPywidgets server with:

$ pip install ipywidgets_server

Currently, IPywidgets server only runs on Python 3.6.