Developing ipywidgets-server


To develop ipywidgets-server, clone the repository using git. Then, go into the project root and run:

pip install -e .

This will build the JavaScript and install the Python in editable mode.

If you make changes to the js/ directory, you will need to rebuild the frontend:

cd js/
npm run build

You will then need to refresh any open browser pages that contain ipywidgets-server instances. If you are making many changes to the js/ directory, you can automatically build the frontend for every change with:

npm run build:watch

If you make changes to the Python side, you will need to restart running ipywidgets-server instances. If you make changes to the static directory, you just need to refresh the browser page.

Running in debug mode

You can run ipywidget-server in debug mode with:

ipywidgets-server example:widget --WidgetsServer.log_level=DEBUG

You may also want to increase the log-level of the kernel driver. For this, change the log level in ipywidgets_server/kernel/